6. The Disabled God

on a yellow background, next to an image of the cover of The Disabled God by Eiesland is the quote: "This [disabled] God enables both a struggle for justice among people with disabilities and an end to estrangement from our own bodies." (page 105)

The Disabled God: Toward a Liberatory Theology of Disability by Nancy Eiesland is the foundational work of disability theology.  Robyn and Stephanie talk about the book, the Church’s sin of disabling theology Eiesland identifies, Eiesland’s vision of the disabled God, and a disability theology approach to the sacraments.


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On a yellow background, next to an image of the cover of "The Disabled God" by Eiesland, is the quote:
"Here is the resurrected Christ making good on the incarnational proclamation that God would be with us, embodied as we are, incorporating the fullness of human contingency and ordinary life into God.  Presenting his impaired hands and feet to his startled friends, the resurrected Jesus is revealed as the disabled God." (Page 100)

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