“Are the people who might need things adjusted encouraged and able and willing to have that conversation? If not, things are not accessible.”

The Rev’d Stephanie Shockley
"We tend to cause all this trauma to people who carry and bear and share with us an image of God that we have decided is unacceptable." is on a maroon background with a grey cross in the upper right quadrant along with The Accessible Altar logo and Ep 12

12. Images of a Disabled God

In this part of Robyn and Stephanie’s conversation with Ian, they talk about the impact of disability theology on Ian’s diagnosis process, the implications of diagnosis and diagnostic criteria, and the Bible. The Reverend Ian Lasch is an autistic priest in the Episcopal Church who takes great joy in living out the priestly vocation toContinue reading “12. Images of a Disabled God”

Disability is too big for just one voice.

the rev’d Robyn King

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