“Are the people who might need things adjusted encouraged and able and willing to have that conversation? If not, things are not accessible.”

The Rev’d Stephanie Shockley
on a yellow background, next to an image of the cover of The Disabled God by Eiesland is the quote: "This [disabled] God enables both a struggle for justice among people with disabilities and an end to estrangement from our own bodies." (page 105)

6. The Disabled God

The Disabled God: Toward a Liberatory Theology of Disability by Nancy Eiesland is the foundational work of disability theology.  Robyn and Stephanie talk about the book, the Church’s sin of disabling theology Eiesland identifies, Eiesland’s vision of the disabled God, and a disability theology approach to the sacraments. Transcript NY Times ObitThe Accessible God Episodes: The DisabledContinue reading “6. The Disabled God”

Disability is too big for just one voice.

the rev’d Robyn King

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