15. Crip Camp

Stephanie and Robyn discuss the documentary Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution. We discuss our deep love for camp culture, the history of the camp the title refers to, and how a community formed in the 1970’s helped shape disability activism and the world we all live in. Significant admiration for Judy Huemann happens. Full TranscriptContinue reading “15. Crip Camp”

14. Grief with Rev Sharan Knoell

Stephanie and Robyn are joined by Sharan to discuss her diagnosis journey and how the grief involved is informing her faith. The Rev. Sharan Knoell is the pastor of Valley United Presbyterian Church in a small-town community that straddles the Pennsylvania – New York border. Prior to 2014, Valley United was three Presbyterian Church (USA)Continue reading “14. Grief with Rev Sharan Knoell”

13 Mother God with Teresa Kim Pecinovsky

Stephanie and Robyn are joined by the Rev’d Teresa Kim Pecinovsky to discuss her gorgeous children’s book Mother God . They discuss the importance of good theology and diverse representation in the church and in children’s literature. Born in South Korea and raised in Iowa, Teresa had a brief stint as an ESL teacher inContinue reading “13 Mother God with Teresa Kim Pecinovsky”

12. Images of a Disabled God

In this part of Robyn and Stephanie’s conversation with Ian, they talk about the impact of disability theology on Ian’s diagnosis process, the implications of diagnosis and diagnostic criteria, and the Bible. The Reverend Ian Lasch is an autistic priest in the Episcopal Church who takes great joy in living out the priestly vocation toContinue reading “12. Images of a Disabled God”

11. The Prayer Book and the Imago Dei

Robyn, Stephanie, and Ian talk about what the language in our prayer books says about God and people, identity, and autism . The Rev. Ian Lasch is an autistic priest in the Episcopal Church who takes great joy in living out the priestly vocation to serve as “pastor, priest, and teacher.” His primary areas ofContinue reading “11. The Prayer Book and the Imago Dei”

10. Q&A (1)

Robyn and Stephanie answer some of the questions they’ve heard from listeners. If we didn’t cover a question you have, or you want to hear more about something we talked about, use the contact form or email on our website to send it to us. Full Transcript Resources: Disability models  simpler video option Understanding DisabilityContinue reading “10. Q&A (1)”

9. ME/CFS with Kris

Robyn and Stephanie are joined by Kris and talk about myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS, sometimes CFS/ME). Kris shares her journey from athlete to diagnosis and we talk about Church responses to chronic illness, Long Covid, and theology. Kris Rudin is a former software engineer and avid bicycle racer whose life changed completely at ageContinue reading “9. ME/CFS with Kris”

Bible Study Announcement

Transcript Join us for 5 weeks of a disability informed Bible Study. We’ll look at passages that we consider important in thinking about faith and disability including Leviticus, healing miracles, resurrection stories, and Paul’s writing. Tuesdays, 7pm ET/4pm PT May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 On Zoom (Zoom captions are available) Group size is limitedContinue reading “Bible Study Announcement”

8. Chronic Illness, Sabbath, and Playfulness

Join us for a lively conversation with Meredith about chronic illness, living a full life, and playing your way into Sabbath. Along the way, we touch on some of the topics Robyn and Stephanie discussed while creating the podcast. The Rev. Meredith H. Crigler, MDiv, CDWF, CDTLF is an Episcopal priest who has lived onContinue reading “8. Chronic Illness, Sabbath, and Playfulness”

7. Pandemics

**We recorded this episode in November, before the omicron wave came to North America and well before various jurisdictions began lifting restrictions. Had we recorded this later in the pandemic we would have spent additional time discussing the complexity of how vulnerable populations are affected by public health decisions.** Robyn, Stephanie, and Gabe talk aboutContinue reading “7. Pandemics”