"Who is disabled? and other questions and answers"

10. Q&A (1)

Robyn and Stephanie answer some of the questions they’ve heard from listeners. If we didn’t cover a question you have, or you want to hear more about something we talked about, use the contact form or email on our website to send it to us. Full Transcript (coming soon) Resources: Disability models  simpler video optionContinue reading “10. Q&A (1)”

God is a co-sufferer with us

9. ME/CFS with Kris

Robyn and Stephanie are joined by Kris and talk about myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS, sometimes CFS/ME). Kris shares her journey from athlete to diagnosis and we talk about Church responses to chronic illness, Long Covid, and theology. Kris Rudin is a former software engineer and avid bicycle racer whose life changed completely at ageContinue reading “9. ME/CFS with Kris”

A stack of books, one of which says Holy Bible, are on the left side. Next to them are the words "The Accessible Altar Bible Study."

Bible Study Announcement

Transcript Join us for 5 weeks of a disability informed Bible Study. We’ll look at passages that we consider important in thinking about faith and disability including Leviticus, healing miracles, resurrection stories, and Paul’s writing. Tuesdays, 7pm ET/4pm PT May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 On Zoom (Zoom captions are available) Group size is limitedContinue reading “Bible Study Announcement”

"The presence of the vulnerable is more important than our comfort"

8. Chronic Illness, Sabbath, and Playfulness

Join us for a lively conversation with Meredith about chronic illness, living a full life, and playing your way into Sabbath. Along the way, we touch on some of the topics Robyn and Stephanie discussed while creating the podcast. The Rev. Meredith H. Crigler, MDiv, CDWF, CDTLF is an Episcopal priest who has lived onContinue reading “8. Chronic Illness, Sabbath, and Playfulness”

"It's important to me to not say that there was a purpose to all the suffering" in white letters on a black background. In the bottom left corner is a red AIDS ribbon. The Accessible Altar logo is in the bottom right corner

7. Pandemics

**We recorded this episode in November, before the omicron wave came to North America and well before various jurisdictions began lifting restrictions. Had we recorded this later in the pandemic we would have spent additional time discussing the complexity of how vulnerable populations are affected by public health decisions.** Robyn, Stephanie, and Gabe talk aboutContinue reading “7. Pandemics”

on a yellow background, next to an image of the cover of The Disabled God by Eiesland is the quote: "This [disabled] God enables both a struggle for justice among people with disabilities and an end to estrangement from our own bodies." (page 105)

6. The Disabled God

The Disabled God: Toward a Liberatory Theology of Disability by Nancy Eiesland is the foundational work of disability theology.  Robyn and Stephanie talk about the book, the Church’s sin of disabling theology Eiesland identifies, Eiesland’s vision of the disabled God, and a disability theology approach to the sacraments. Transcript NY Times ObitThe Accessible God Episodes: The DisabledContinue reading “6. The Disabled God”

5. Service Dogs with Pat (part 2)

We continue our conversation with Pat McKenna.  Pat is the Assistant Division Director at the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He is also an attorney and a long time guide dog handler who lives with his wife and sons in Central NJ. Transcript Links related to the episode:Pat and Finn Go-ProContinue reading “5. Service Dogs with Pat (part 2)”

3. Lindsay

We talk with the Rev. Lindsay Lunnum. Lindsay is a neurotypical parent raising a child who is deeply impacted by autism. She is also a priest and the rector of Zion Episcopal Church in Douglaston (Queens, NYC). Lindsay is the spokesperson for Rhythms of Grace, a ministry of worship and faith formation for children andContinue reading “3. Lindsay”

2. Stephanie’s Story

Robyn and Stephanie talk about why Stephanie said yes to this podcast.  They also talk about future content and their interview practices. Full Transcript Hear more from Nathan Leigh who composed our music (link).See more art from the Rev’d Stephanie London who created our title graphic (link).


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