The Accessible Altar is a monthly podcast exploring the intersections of faith and disability. Robyn and Stephanie met in seminary and share a frustration with how the Christianity has allowed ableist ideas to shape how we think and preach about the bible, lead services, and practice theology.

Who is disabled?
Conservative numbers indicate that 26% (source) –22% (source) of North Americans have been diagnosed with a disability. We don’t assume that every disability is diagnosed.
We understand chronic illness to be part of the conversation around faith and disability.

Language: Both person first and identity first language will be used, depending on the preference of individuals in the immediate conversation.

The picture is of Robyn, a white woman with dark curly hair, wearing glasses, in a clerical collar

The Rev’d Robyn King

Robyn is an Anglican/Episcopal priest. Robyn has served parishes in her home state of Montana and her adopted Province of Alberta. She and her spouse have a dog, two cats, and an apple tree that lets them make delicious cider.

The picture is a close up of Stephanie  a white woman with dark blonde hair, wearing glasses with a clerical collar and a blazer in front of a stained glass window.

The Rev’d Stephanie Shockley

Stephanie is an Episcopal priest originally from New Jersey. She spent over a decade in New York City, working as a hospital chaplain and becoming part of the activist community. These days she serves a friendly small town parish in New Jersey. She and her spouse have a big tan dog and a small brindle dog, love to canoe, and are forever searching for deer-resistant plants for the rectory garden.