1. Robyn’s Story

Black text on a pale blue background partially framed one two sides with green lines reads, "The people who need us to talk about this better aren't some outreach population, they are the people who are actively in our pews that we are under serving and they're our clergy."

In this episode Stephanie and Robyn talk about what in Robyn’s history lead to caring about faith and disability and approaching Stephanie about a project that became this podcast.
We also talk about how the name of the podcast came about and why we love it.

Full Transcript
(Our transcripts are lightly edited for clarity.)

Hear more from Nathan Leigh who composed our music (link).
See more art from the Rev’d Stephanie London who created our title graphic (link).

I tell people I believe that God is the ultimate creative, and will waste nothing, which includes our pain and suffering and misery, but that God doesn't create any of that, God responds to that creatively, with love and generosity.
On a pale blue background with green lines.

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